What are Concrete Boom Pumps? Concrete Boom Pump Hire London & UK

Are you working on a construction job that needs large amounts of concrete poured? If so, you’ll likely require a concrete boom pump to get the job done efficiently. A boom pump is a specialised piece of equipment that helps transport liquid concrete directly to where it needs to go, even in hard-to-reach or elevated areas. 

In a city like London with limited site access, boom pumps allow precise concrete placement over obstacles and long distances from the truck. But the question arises how to hire one for your next project in London or elsewhere in the UK?

Understanding Concrete Boom Pumps

A boom pump is essentially a truck with a remote-controlled robotic arm called a boom. The boom extends outwards both horizontally and vertically, with a flexible rubber hose on the end. This gives it an operating range of over 200 feet in some cases.

The truck carries tons of wet concrete that gets pumped through the boom at high pressure. The boom positions the hose exactly where the concrete needs to go, allowing it to be placed in areas a standard concrete truck cannot access directly.

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When to Use a Boom Pump

When pouring enormous amounts of concrete across long distances, at high altitudes, or in confined areas is part of your project, you should invest in a boom pump. Typical situations include:

  • Foundations and basements
  • Multi-story buildings
  • Bridges and highway construction  
  • Retaining walls
  • Swimming pools

Even smaller residential jobs like driveways or patios may require a boom pump if the concrete needs to be pumped far from where the truck can park or if access is limited. Any time pouring just from a standard concrete truck is impractical or inefficient, a boom pump makes the process much easier.

Hiring a Boom Pump in London/UK

When you need a boom pump in London or across the UK, there are rental companies that specialise in providing this service. Here are some typical steps:

  1. Determine concrete needs 

Calculate how many cubic meters of concrete you require and get details on the site location, dimensions, and access points. This helps select the right pump size.

  1. Research local rental companies

Search for “concrete pump hire” plus your area to find rental companies that service the London region or other UK locations.

  1. Get quotes

Contact a few different companies describing your project needs. Request price quotes that provide day rates and estimated operating costs to compare.

  1. Review requirements

Understand any site insurance needs or safety certifications required for pump operation. Ask what training they provide.

  1. Schedule the rental

Once you select a company, confirm your dates and make the reservation. Inquire about payment terms and any deposit.  

  1. Coordinate pump setup

On that day, the company will deliver the boom pump and help position it properly before the concrete trucks arrive.

What Happens on the Day When You Hire a Boom Pump

Here’s what to expect when the boom pump arrives on site:

  • The rental company sends 1-2 operator technicians with the pump truck
  • They rig the boom and position it to reach all areas needing concrete
  • Separate concrete trucks will arrive and park as directed 
  • Pump operators connect the boom piping to the trucks
  • As trucks discharge concrete, it pumps through the boom where needed
  • Operators reposition the boom as required to fully pour the area
  • When done, the pump and any remaining concrete are removed

Tips for a Successful Rental

To ensure your boom pump rental goes smoothly:

  • Book reservations well in advance for larger pumps 
  • Have a plan for where the pump should be positioned 
  • Ensure sufficient space and firm ground to set up the truck
  • Coordinate schedules so the pump is ready when trucks arrive  
  • Maintain communication with operators during the pour
  • Have a backup plan in case of any equipment issues or delays

By hiring an experienced local boom pump company, you can take advantage of their expertise to complete your concrete work more efficiently. Your job will go much smoother by using this specialised equipment with proper planning.

Costs for Hiring Boom Pumps

Rental Rate:

Boom pumps are typically rented by the day or week. Day rates can range from £500 – £1,500+ per day depending on the pump size and company.

Pump Size:

Larger pumps with greater reach capabilities are more expensive. Common pump sizes are 24-meter, 32-meter, 38-meter, etc.

Mileage/Delivery Fee:

Many companies charge transportation fees to deliver the pump to and from the job site, often around £2-£4 per mile.

Overtime/Weekend Fees:

Using the pump outside of standard hourly periods or on weekends usually incurs overtime charges.

Pump Operator Costs:

Rental companies provide 1-2 certified operators. Their labor is an additional cost, around £200-£400 per operator per day.


A refundable deposit of £500 – £2,000 or more is typical to book the rental.

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Project Factors You Need to Consider Before Hiring a Boom Pump

  • Access – Having an accessible area with firm ground to set up the pump truck is essential.
  • Concrete Volume – More concrete required means a larger pump size is needed at a higher cost.
  • Pour Height/Distance – Greater vertical reach and horizontal distance capabilities come with premium pricing.
  • Site Hazards – Tight squeezes, overhead obstacles, and poor underfoot conditions impact pump positioning.
  • Pour Duration – Longer, continuous pours taking many hours or days will increase labor costs.

Other Considerations

  • Notice Period – Pumps should be booked 2-6 weeks in advance, longer for larger jobs.
  • Safety – Pump operation requires certified staff and adherence to site safety requirements.
  • Insurance – Clients may need supplementary insurance for the pump rental.
  • Contract Terms – Understand rental period terms, damage liability, and any disposal fees.


Concrete boom pumps are a game-changing development in construction technology that offers substantial advantages in terms of effectiveness, affordability, and quality. They are a vital tool in modern construction because of their versatility and capacities, which apply to both small-scale residential projects and large-scale commercial constructions.

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