Kid’s Room Storage: 7 Simple Ideas by Pro Organizer

7 Simple Kid's Room Storage Ideas from a Professional Organizer

A kid’s room that is cluttered and disorganized can become a cause of aggravation for parents and kids. Fortunately, you can turn your child’s room into a neat and practical area that stimulates creativity, builds independence, and encourages calmness with a little careful planning and the assistance of a professional organizer. So, in this blog, we will discover several simple yet practical storage solutions that can help keep kids’ rooms neat and organized. 

Kid's Room Storage: 7 Simple Ideas by Pro Organizer

Multi-Functional Furniture

Multipurpose furniture is a kid’s room storage superhero when optimizing space. Seek for furniture with two uses, like bookcases with integrated storage bins or beds with built-in drawers. These multipurpose pieces maximize floor space and offer plenty of storage, creating an air of spaciousness and organization in the area. Purchase a loft bed with a built-in desk or play area underneath to make the most of vertical space and designate a specific location for studying or playing.

Clear Storage Bins

Clear storage containers are revolutionary when arranging toys, clothing, and other items in a child’s room. A professional home organizer teaches kids the value of neatness and organization to make it simple to see what’s within. Small children might be encouraged to carefully put away their items by having each bin labeled with a picture or words that indicate where things belong. Use stackable containers or baskets with handles to facilitate simple access and mobility. It will enable kids to move toys between rooms and do their cleanup.

Vertical Storage Solutions

Vertical storage options can help maximize the wall space available when floor space is restricted. To keep books, toys, and décor off the ground and easily accessible, install shelves or wall-mounted cubbies. You can hang hooks or pegs for storing jackets, hats, and backpacks to keep debris off the floor and create a specific area for daily necessities. To keep art supplies, craft supplies, and small toys accessible and organized without taking up precious floor space, think about installing a wall-mounted organizer or pegboard.

Kid's Room Storage: 7 Simple Ideas by Pro Organizer

Under-Bed Storage

Though it’s frequently unused, the area beneath the bed can provide practical storage for children’s rooms. Choose rolling drawers or under-bed storage boxes to store bulkier toys that aren’t used often, extra bedding, or out-of-season apparel. This covert storage option maximizes the valuable floor space in the area while keeping things neat and out of sight. 

Rotate Toys and Books

Consider putting a system of rotating books and toys to avoid clutter and toy overload. You can take the help of a professional home organizer for suggestions. To keep your child’s environment engaging and new, keep extra toys and books in bins or baskets in a closet or other designated storage space and switch them around regularly. As kids rediscover long-forgotten favorites, this helps clear the clutter and fosters imagination and creativity. 

Create a Dress-Up Station

If your kids enjoy dressing up, you might want to set up a remarkable dress-up station where they can keep and show off their accessories and costumes. A small mirror, a storage container or basket for shoes and props, and hooks or pegs for hanging costumes, hats, and accessories should all be added to the wall. Dress-up supplies are kept neatly in this area which fosters creativity and imaginative play.  

DIY Art Display

Artwork by kids is priceless, but if not arranged correctly, it can easily take over a space. Showcase your child’s artwork on the wall with a homemade art collection made with wire, pins, or clothespins. Instead, create an art museum where your child may exhibit their artwork with pride by designating a bulletin board or magnetic chalkboard. Make space for new works by turning the artwork regularly to maintain the display’s vibrancy. If you want to showcase artwork and photos while personalizing the area and adding visual interest make a collage or gallery wall using frames of various sizes and shapes.


Your child’s room may be made into a neat and orderly place that fosters creativity, independence, and mental clarity with imagination and thoughtful design. You and your child will enjoy spending time in a fashionable and efficient space that you can build with these easy storage ideas into practice. So why hold off? Take action right now to witness the transformation of your child’s room with efficient storage options. And never forget to contact Professional Organizing Plus or any professional organizer if you require extra help or direction. With their knowledge and experience, they can offer customized solutions to assist you in reaching your objectives.

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