5 Common Appliance Problems Charlotte Homeowners Face

When it comes to dealing with appliances and the troubles they bring us, there is hardly any situation that we have not yet encountered. No matter if it is a temperamental fridge, a stove that is not lighting up, or a washing machine that is not drying your clothes properly, we have experienced these challenges countless times in our homes. 

Well, here are the solutions to these issues that you will need for sure. Give a shot to these hacks and fix those things up!

5 Common Appliance Problems And Solutions

  1. Dishwasher Problems: Dishes are still dirty and not washed properly!

If the dishwasher at your home is failing to do its job properly and is leaving your dishes dirty as it is, read below to find out how to deal with them!

The Problem: Your dishwasher is not getting enough hot water, which is important for effectively removing grease and food leftover from your dishes. Moreover, the food particles that go in the drain and block the filter are keeping your dishwasher from operating properly.

The Solution: If food leftover is choking the filter, it upsets the flow of water to the dishwasher’s spray arms, disturbing the cleaning process. To fix this issue, you will need to clean the filter screen in detail. 

You can start by removing the lower rack and then take off the filter cover. Use a wet vacuum and carefully clear away any accumulated leftovers from the filter. 

This simple step will continue the proper water flow and will make sure that your dishwasher can clean dirty dishes with ease and efficiency, leaving them sparkling clean after each wash.

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  1. Moody Dryer Issues: Is it leaving your clothes damp?

The Problem: If your clothes are coming out from the dryer still wet, there can be a few reasons for this. But mostly it happens due to a lot of lint buildup either in or behind your dryer. A choked lint filter or a blocked outside dryer vent can cause the heat to not work properly.

The Solution: You can start by double-checking your dryer settings to make sure it is set to a heat setting. We mostly overlook this step but this can make a big difference. 

Moreover, do not forget to clean the dryer filter after each use to prevent lint buildup. You can go a step further by washing the filter screen with a brush, soap, and water to make sure it is all clean. 

Lastly, remove the cover from the outside of your dryer vent to clear away any blockages from the outside. This routine maintenance will help your dryer function perfectly, making sure your clothes come out fully dry every time.

  1. Your Bathroom Socket is not working properly and is powerless

If you are experiencing a lack of power in your bathroom outlet, scroll down to read what solution we have provided for you!

The Problem: If the socket in your bathroom is powerless, the first thing you should check is if you have a tripped circuit breaker or outlet. Sometimes when a breaker is overloaded, it shuts off to prevent electrical damage or fire hazards.

The Solution: In areas like the kitchen or bathroom, the outlets usually have GFCI switches to protect against electrical emergencies in wet environments. If your GFCI outlet is powerless, try pressing the red “reset” button you have on it to restore power. 

If it still does not work, or if you have a standard outlet, the next thing you should check is the main electrical panel for a tripped circuit breaker. 

If a breaker is tripped, simply turn the switch off and then on again to reset it. This should restore power to your bathroom outlet. If there is still a problem, get help through appliance repair in Charlotte.

  1. Are you upset because you have a smelly Washing Machine?

Noticing a strange smell coming from your washing machine? Here is what can be the reason and how you can fix it.

The Problem: If your washing machine has a bad smell and you do not understand why, mold and mildew are most probably the culprits. This sometimes happens when the rubber seal around the door of a front loader washing machine stays damp. Which is the perfect incubating environment for mold growth.

The Solution: To deal with the bad smell, start and run your machine’s empty cycle using either a clean or hot water setting. 

You can make the cleaning process easier if you use a tablet cleaner from the store or a mixture of two cups of white vinegar and a half cup of baking soda. 

Additionally, to stop this from happening in the future, try leaving the door of your washing machine open between washes to allow it to dry out, and wipe away any moisture with a towel. 

This routine maintenance should help keep your washing machine smelling fresh and clean.

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  1. Troubleshooting an Air Conditioner Unit: Not Cooling Enough

If your air conditioner is working but not chilling your room properly, here is what could be happening and how to fix it:

The Problem: One common culprit for cooling being affected is a lack of proper airflow in your air conditioner.

The Solution: When the air filter is dirty or clogged, it stops airflow over the evaporator coils. So, the coils get cold, which can lead to frost buildup that further disturbs the airflow. 

To fix this, first, check the area around your air conditioner to make sure it is free from any debris, plants, or obstructions that might impede airflow. Next, clean or replace the air filter to make sure the airflow is back to normal. 

Additionally, clean the evaporator coils to remove any buildup, allowing air to flow freely and cool your space effectively. These steps should help restore proper cooling performance to your air conditioner unit.

Are your appliances acting up too much? Contact CLT Appliance Repair for quality appliance service and repairs!

Working on your appliances with the simple solutions we provided above can help you out a lot! However, if you have already tried all of the above, and the problem continues is still the same. It is time to call your trusted home appliance servicer by searching for appliance repair near me and the CLT Appliance Repair team will be there with you soon!

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